Session 1

  • Moderator Jongjin Kim

    Deputy Director of the Korea Labor & Society Institute Policy Advisory Committee Member at the Ministry of Employment and Labor

    “The Youth Guarantee is a commitment on giving young people the time and opportunity to explore a better career.”

  • Presentation 1 Kohei Yamamoto

    Professor at Ritsumeikan University, Doctor of Sociology Co-representative at the National Forum on Joint Action for the Youth in Japan

    “Policies that enable young people to become the agent of action and of society”

  • Presentation 2 Finland

    A senior specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland

    “The Youth Guarantee has increased the visibility of welfare of the youth in public debate.
    It has forced the public sector to cooperate more efficiently.”

  • Presentation 3 Hyunjoo Ki

    Director of Seoul Youth Guarantee Center

    “A Youth Guarantee that is more concrete and further reaching toward young people”

Session 2

  • Moderator Heesung Kim

    Honorary Youth Mayor of Seoul
    Director of Operating Office of Seoul Youth Policy Network

    “The Youth Guarantee is about the life of our youth and the future of our society.”

  • Presentation 1 Bok-kyung Seo

    Researcher of Sogang University

    “Youth Guarantee is a belief in a community that lives together.”

  • Presentation 2 Nicolas Farvaque

    Senior researcher at ORSEU (Lille, France), specialised in youth and employment policies, social dialogue and working conditions. He has been involved in several projects at European and national level, in particular the evaluation of the French Youth Guarantee or activation measures for young jobseekers.

    “YG represents the collective responsibility of not letting anyone with no solution”

  • Designated Discussion 1 Moongil Kim

    Researcher at the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs

    Youth Guarantee: a social responsibility toward the younger generation who are worse off than their parents’ generation

  • Designated Discussion 2 Junyeong Jung

    Policy Team Member at Youth Community Union

    “Young people are also citizens. The ‘Youth Guarantee’ is the ‘right’ of citizens who take their first steps into the world of work.”